let’s talk about magnesium

Magnesium?? is this not a mental health blog? Yes! and it’ll all come together, don’t worry!

55% of Americans are below their recommended daily allowance (RDA) of magnesium while 20% are significantly below their RDA. Only 25% of Americans are at or above their RDA.


Do you drink soda? coffee? caffeine?

Are you stressed?

Do you have 5-7 adult beverages a week?

A fan of cookies, cake, sweet desserts, etc? (who isn’t??)

On any medications for asthma, birth control, the heart, estrogen replacement therapy? anything else?

If so, chances are you’re functioning with a magnesium deficiency. 75% of us in the grand US of A are. Why does this matter and why hasn’t it been brought to your attention before? (Big Pharma?? oops did someone say something?)

It matters because the body needs magnesium to function and thrive! Magnesium regulates nerve function, muscle function, blood sugar, blood pressure, making protein, bone, and even our DNA.

What are the symptoms of magnesium deficiency? They’re both physical and neurological.


  • muscle spasms and/or cramps
  • high blood pressure/ hypertension
  • hormone problems
  • sleep problems
  • low energy
  • bone health issues (not as common)
  • migraine
  • anxiety (!!!!!!)
  • depression (!!!!!)
  • fatigue
  • nervousness
  • irritablilty
  • low energy

Ok story time!

My onset of migraine disorder and generalized anxiety disorder were very close together. I was put on medication after medication for migraine and tried an SSRI.

Finally, after the migraine medications never really worked or stopped working, I was at a dead end of medicines to try. My migraines were debilitating. I had been to the ER twice because of them and was often out of school or work for days because I couldn’t read, speak clearly, see clearly, or even bear to lift my head and open my eyes. The last medication I tried was Trokendi XR. Apparently, I am in the magical 10% ( I do my research) of people that experience suicidal ideation and severe anxiety while on this medication. My neurologist said its rare and he has seen two other people that had the same reaction to the medication. SO THAT WAS OUT. A BIG NO. -10/10. WORST MEDICAL EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE. It was an almost two week crisis from start to finish and it changed the way I view medicine. I’m now listed, in big red letters on my chart, as allergic to Trokendi XR and that whole class of medication.

With no other medications to try, my neurologist recommended magnesium supplements. So, I researched.


Turns out a major cause of migraine disorder is a magnesium deficiency.


I have had an almost complete extinction of migraines since I started my supplements.

I also read that it benefits anxiety, which magnesium deficiency contributes to!!

When the Trokendi XR (XR means extended release) was still in my system, I couldn’t sleep. Not surprising when you consider the reaction I was having.

The magnesium helped me sleep. It significantly calmed my anxiety to the point it was working better than my prescription of Ativan. Take a glance back at symptom list. This lady right here had a magnesium deficiency!!

So now, almost two months later I sleep better, I haven’t had a panic attack since week one of my supplements, my migraines are significantly less frequent, my anxiety is better, I have more energy, I focus well. It seemed to clear up nearly all of my issues.

Why hasn’t a doctor tried this with me before? After all, isn’t a holistic approach the first step before putting potentially harmful chemicals into my body? (Trokendi XR, I see you sis) Not to mention I’ve been on medication for asthma since I was 7 and, at times, lots of it. Which??? is one of the causes of magnesium deficiency???

75% of people have a magnesium deficit. I feel like common sense is to test for it (easy to do) or even just bring it to a patient’s attention. If they want to pursue taking supplements, they can.

Maybe I’ve had worthless doctors, but they usually try to treat the symptoms showing without diving into causes when it comes to what I’ve written above. My migraines had no triggers, no aura, and the answer given to me was “yeah some of them are like that and it sucks.” They never tried to discover the cause of them.

my message

 It is so important to take care of your body and mind as a whole and to advocate for your own health. We need balance. When something is not being cared for and neglected, your body will show you, one way or another. This is about wellness and how something seemingly unrelated can actually be the root of the problem. 


I am not saying medication and doctors are not amazing. I believe in the power of medicine. It has helped myself and the people I love tremendously. I love science and trust it!

I had amazing results from adding a magnesium supplement to my routine. But, PLEASE, y’all, I am not a doctor. Magnesium is a naturally occurring macro-mineral, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consult a doctor (or at least medical journals and articles) about adding a supplement to your regime. Like anything, it can interact with other medications you are taking and all that good stuff. Especially if you’re on a lot or have various medical problems. Don’t go out and start talking supplements just because someone on the internet (me) told you to!!! I’m merely suggesting that it will probably, most likely, 98% help.



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