let’s talk about…anything

Hello all,

I’ve hit a bit of a writers block and figured I would turn to you! after all, I write for my readers.

What do you want to know about? what do you think is interesting in relevance to psychology? Is there a disorder you want to know more about? how the system works? anything in the news lately you want more about?

I’m all ears and love answering questions.

I’m eager to hear from you in the comment section! I’ll give credit in the associated posts to the person(s) that inspired it.





2 thoughts on “let’s talk about…anything

  1. I have been diagnosed lately with bipolar .. but honstly I don’t feel I have the symptoms of mania or hypomania .. previously the diagnosis was major depression disorder which I thought it fits more .. so I told my psychiatrist that I don’t feel the diagnosis fits me .. he said .. you are in the (spectrum) of bipolar .. not the typical bipolar .. and that include your impulsive behaviour .. and other things ..

    Can you please talk more about the bipolar spectrum ??

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