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I came across this post on the all knowing Facebook yesterday and thought “I know what my next topic is.”


Ignorant? uneducated? I’ll let you decide.

I want to make something very clear here: if you have a chemical imbalance, no amount of “lifestyle change”, drinking more water, eating kale, or “being one with nature” is going to fix that.

There is already stigma attached to taking medication for mental illnesses. We do not need to be contributing to the unnecessary shame people feel for taking medication.

A common challenge people face is continuing to take their medication regularly and in the way it is prescribed. It is difficult to grasp that you still need to take your medicine even if you feel better and don’t think you need it. That’s the medication working! and it’s a great thing. It is a concept some people struggle with forever.

People already struggle to accept that they need medication for their mental illness. What helps? telling them to take a walk outside? are you kidding? If your friend had strep throat would you tell them to go for a run or take them to a doctor? would you wait for the infection to spread to their brain and heart before you considered treatment? even though there are known measures you can take before the infection progresses to that point? it is the exact same thing with mental illness and medication. Why wait to treat something until it gets to the point a life is on the line? The progression of treatment is a good (and lifesaving) concept.

Aside from how damaging it is to the positive steps society is taking to improve their attitudes about mental health, it just isn’t true.

On what planet does staring at a landscape, hiking, sitting outdoors, whatever this photo is trying to portray come remotely close to the effects medication has on the body? Show me the science, and I’ll entertain the idea.

Medication isolates the chemicals that need to be altered specifically and in the appropriate and reliable ways. There is simply no comparison. I don’t need to state anymore than that.

Brain chemistry is a delicate balance. Can you take a supplement or exercise to pump up those endorphins? of course! is it reliable and the same “dosage” every time? of course not. To create a balance you need…balance. You need the same amount of whatever it is consistently.





6 thoughts on “let’s talk about whatever this is

  1. Thank you for this. ❤ Really just made me feel better to read.

    After the doctor diagnosed me with Generalized Anxiety Disorder, she wanted to get me on a daily SSRI asap. Everybody kept telling me though that I would "feel better" once I graduate and move back home, and my family was at first very against me taking daily medication for my anxiety. Even I didn't want to take it because the thought of it make me upset because even I was convinced that maybe if I just 'spent more time outside' or 'tried to take a bath to destress' then I'd feel better.

    However, the thing I realized is exactly what you said: "medication isolates the chemicals that need to be altered specifically and in the appropriate and reliable ways." The daily anxiety and panic attacks I was (and am still having as I wait patiently for the medication to start working in my body) having were a sign that something was off, and I realized that "stress-free activities" aren't going to fix a chemical imbalance in my brain, but that taking medication is designed to help with balancing it. And that's okay. You gotta do what you gotta do.

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    1. I love you so much. Thank you for sharing part of your story. This is why I write this blog! If you aren’t beginning to feel better at the 4 week mark then talk to your doctor about switching medications or increasing your dose. You’re so strong.


  2. You hit the nail on the head. Here’s to raising awareness!

    I just wanted to add that the things people do to relieve stress, like exercising, relaxing in a tub, etc. are great for just that…relieving stress. Stress and chemical imbalances (panic attacks, for example) are two totally different animals…a concept that is obvious to those who have ever experienced it, and difficult, if not impossibe, to fully explain to someone who has not.

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  3. I started taking medication on 2014 .. and until now I still haven’t find the correct medication and the correct dose .. I tried over 18 different medications .. and I had some dark days where I lost hope and felt it wont work for me at all .. But I guess it need patient .. I just hope it works at the end ..
    And I don’t care about the stigma .. I don’t care about what my parents say to me .. for example .. they keep telling me if you feel better slowly stop the medication .. I know If I will do that I will relapse .. Because I have tried it once before and I regret it so much ..
    So now I don’t care .. I will take the medication since they will help me ..

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