let’s talk about 13 Reasons Why

Spoilers galore. 

Just going to start by saying I loved the book back in the day. I watched the entire season in two days and was surprisingly impressed with the portrayal. Usually the media has a tendency to get it all wrong when it comes to mental illness. I thought they did great, especially after watching the “Behind the Reasons” portion they filmed with the producers and the cast.

With all the praise I was giving the show, I though many people would share the same feelings. If I’m anything when assessing mental health portrayals, I’m critical. That is why I was surprised to come across those who thought the topic was irresponsibly handled.

You run the risk of making mental illness and/or suicide into a trend when mix it in with pop culture. This is a triggering show, it is triggering subject matter, and it is difficult to watch even if you haven’t had personal experience with it. But it was made to be that way. I work in psychiatric hospitals and care for suicidal patients every day. There is nothing beautiful about it.

I think it was important that they showed Hannah killing herself. It shows that suicide is not pretty and there is nothing easy about it. It does an excellent portrayal of how the people who love you will feel when they find you and how they will try to cope. It also demonstrates the very real consequences of not having proper funding and spreading school counselors too thin. The entire series should be a wake up call if you’re paying attention.

A lot of people are saying this show is too triggering. AMEN SIS-it totally is. BUT, there are warnings at the beginning of the episodes that detail exactly what will be shown. It is easy to shy away from these topics. What the producers of 13 Reasons Why The Netflix Series detailed in their interviews was that they didn’t want this to be easy to watch. They wanted the reality to shine through. In my experience working with Baker Acted and severely unstable patients, this is pretty spot on.

Making this show more bearable and viewer friendly would, in my opinion, put more people at risk of possibly following the “trend.”

Remember that even your most minuscule words and actions can have a profound impact.

If you or someone you know are in crisis or need to talk to someone, the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is available over the phone and through online chat 24/7.

I want to hear other opinions on the show, your thoughts,  anything!




5 thoughts on “let’s talk about 13 Reasons Why

  1. I haven’t watched this. Guess I’m going to have to. When I’m ready. Sounds pretty intense. Thanks for your opinion. Having had a few friends in the last two years commit suicide, I’m certain this will be a difficult watch, but necessary for all to understand.

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  2. I’m going to have to watch this. Unfortunately, almost everyone has been touched in one way or another by suicide. I’d even be so bold as to say everyone.

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  3. I absolutely agree. I’ve seen this show criticized, and while they make some valid points, I ultimately think that this show did a GREAT job bringing to light the topics of suicide, mental health, and teenage life. The way that I see it is that if people aren’t at least a little bit bothered or uncomfortable, then a dialogue will not start. The fact that I’ve seen so many people talking about this show is amazing because it means that they are also talking about suicide and mental health, which are very important topics!

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    1. I completely agree! if people are unhappy and sharing their reasons for feeling that way, at least they’re talking about it! it should bother people, because it is bothersome.


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